Privately Owned and Operated Since 1975

Parents and child are welcome in interviews of which there are two.

During the first interview, we give a tour of the daycare facility and explain our schedules, policies and procedures. The second interview deals more with the enrollment forms required to be completed prior to the start date.

Full and part time programs are offered at Child Care Plus Daycare. Part time programs are offered on a daily/hourly basis depending on the needs of the parents.

Written reports on your child’s development are given to you twice yearly.



Programs and Activities

Home made nutritious meals and snacks are prepared by a qualified cook and served following Canada’s Food Guide.

Meal and Snack Times

Nap Time

Indoor play allows the child to explore and develop on their own in different areas of their own interests. Dramatic play, reading, blocks, carpet toys,  fine motor activities, arts and science.

Free Play Indoors

We ask our parents to supply their child with two pairs of pajamas for sleep time. The pajamas are to ensure that they have a comfortable, restful sleep.

Free Play Outdoors

Art is a means of self expression. In any form of art, it is the process that is important rather than the finished product. Children are encouraged to enjoy the activity itself and be happy with their composition.

Creative Art Time

Yoga and Zumba classes will be implemented twice a day for all age groups.

Yoga and Zumba

Outdoor free play twice daily weather permitting.