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Program information

We offer Full-time, part-time, hourly (up to 6 hours) care for Toddler and Preschool age

Toddler Program (16 month to 30 month-old)

Staff to children ratio 1:5

Our Toddler program focuses on physical, cognitive and linguistic growth. Toddlers are encouraged to practice emerging language skills, build social interaction with peers, and also have an opportunity to learn through circle, creative time, art and sensory, indoor and outdoor play.  Parents will be informed of their child daily activities through daily chart and seasonal progress report. 

Preschool Program (30 month to 5 year-old)

Staff to children ratio 1:8

Through our one-two years of preschool program, children are encouraged to continue enhancing their expressive and language skills, practice self-helping skills and build self-esteem and respects. They are promoted to develop genuine curiosity about nature and learn community inclusion, and learn new concepts such as numbers, alphabets, shapes and patterns etc., which are for the preparation of their future kindergarten, 

Welcome to Child Care Plus

We believe children's learning potentials and creativity will be fostered by a well-appointed inspiring outdoor environment, where children can make free-choices about their pretend-play and engage in natural explorations.